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Joanna Dee’s nightclub

Another one I’d class as forgotten and unnoticed over the years.

I woke up one day, and realised it was time to grab a pic of this place after passing it for years without realising it.

I think the reason I never got around to taking a pic was down to expecting it to disappear before I got back to it. I’m sure I saw the place open, as a pub, but I have no idea what it might have been called during that phase of its existence.

I probably didn’t even notice when it slipped into being an abandoned derelict, since I would pass in the day, and a nightclub opens at… night!

I just began to notice it was decaying one day, and a number of scummy businesses were using as a placeholder for their scabby adverts.

Maybe it’s not abandoned and derelict – I wouldn’t know!

I dug around and discovered it was variously named ‘The Jigging’ (or Jiggin’), and The Netherfield Bar (Nerry or Nelly in various forum discussions).

In discussion, it seems to have been described as one step up from ‘scary‘, which would appear to be ‘mental‘.

Seems it was the scene of murder, and accidents, as noted here…

The Jiggin. (Netherfield), 1071 Duke Street, Glasgow. G31.

I know why old pubs used to manage to survive, standing isolated on their ground while tenements and shops around them were razed, but this, one of the few relics I would describe as a genuine eyesore with nothing to redeem it, one’s survival is a mystery, especially given the reported failure of pubs these days, as many choose to drink at home, rather than socially. It’s hardly sitting in the middle of a thriving community, and the proximity of a college (Glasgow Kelvin College) is unlikely to see it reopen soon.

I’ve got my pic, they can take it away now.

Maybe I’ll get a pic of the cleared site one day, or, being Glasgow, the burnt out shell. I’m surprised the latter has not appeared sooner.

Joanna Dee's Nightclub

Joanna Dee’s Nightclub


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