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Mackintosh’s Hill House preservation features twice in the news

After I mentioned the preparation being made to start work on the protective enclosure Hill House in Helensburgh, it get TWO mentions in the news.

The enclosure is not sealed, but will allow the air to circulate while protecting the building from wind and rain.

In the words of one of the staff, a century of Scottish weather (and unfortunately inappropriate materials) means that the building has become wet, and is being dissolved where it stands.

The enclosure will give it a chance to dry out, and be worked on to conserve it.

In light of the Mackintosh Building fire, it has been pointed out that Hill House will NOT have a sprinkler system, as this could do as much damage to the fragile interior as any fire, if it was triggered.

Instead, staff, monitoring, and plans made with the local fire service will be used to protect the building.

Sadly, WordPress still doesn’t allow BBC video to be embedded, so you’ll have to click on the link to watch.

Protecting Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s domestic masterpiece The Hill House

While there is a more detailed description of plans here.

Protecting Mackintosh’s domestic masterpiece by putting it in a box

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