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Lost and Found – Glasgow’s mortuary

Hidden behind a sign for the Police ‘Lost & Found Property’ office in Glasgow’s Saltmarket is the building that once served as Glasgow’s mortuary, and the original carved ‘MORTUARY’ sign as well.

I noticed the white sign while passing some time ago, and realised I’d lost my chance of getting a pic with the ‘MORTUARY’ sign over the door visible.

I did some digging, and it seems I was just a little too late to manage this.

I note that one of our fine, upstanding, and highly reputable rags managed to jump up and down a few years ago, and criticise the police for spending £350,000 to convert the former mortuary into a lost property store.

The place has a grim history.

In its day, post mortems of victims of notorious serial killers Bible John and Peter Manuel would have been carried out there.

Facing Glasgow’s Saltmarket and Glasgow Green, it was also once the scene of public hangings.

The new lost property office seems to date from around 2014, after the old mortuary has been mothballed and replaced by a new facility located at the Southern General Hospital.

I found an ‘Equality Impact Assessment’ document online, and this stated that mortuary services moved to the Southern in 2012, and noted that there was storage there for 300 bodies.

It also noted that three entrances are provided, one for paediatric cases, one for adult cases, and one for fiscal cases.

Glasgow Lost And Found Property Mortuary

Glasgow Lost And Found Property Mortuary

This is another catch that reminds me I probably have some earlier views of the same building locked away in my pre-digital film collection, and is yet another hint that I really must sit down and digitise it one day.

The Manuel Murders

Mentioned above, the victims of Peter Manuel.

Such mentions always give me a chill – my mother once walked along the road beside Manuel, fortunately just two people passing by chance, and not when he was out hunting.

If you visit the Glasgow Police Museum in Bell Street, or have a look at its web site, you will find they have an exhibit featuring Manuel’s death warrant, and the story.

The Glasgow Police Historical Exhibition contains artefacts and text boards which provide a historical insight into the people, events and other factors which contributed to the founding, development and progress of Britain’s first Police force, the City of Glasgow Police from 1779-1975.

The Glasgow Police Museum, First Floor, 30 Bell Street.

Click the pic below to make it a bot bigger.

The Manuel Murders

The Manuel Murders

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