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Brushies sold here

Question: Where can you buy a brushie?

Answer: At a Glasgow indoor market.

Question: Why would you want to buy a brushie?

Answer: To brush you Internet meme with!

I’m not sure which order I saw these in (apart from my own market original of course), but I would have had the pic of this collection of sad spelling/grammar examples seen in a Glasgow market anyway.

Don’t know if this is funny, or a shame, since it reflects both on out system of education, and the level of education attained by some ordinary people.

Glasgow Market Grammar/Spelling

Glasgow Market Grammar/Spelling

Apparently, the original ‘Brushie’ pic was NOT of a cat, but of a bat, back in 2008, and didn’t get the ‘Brushie’ added until 2010.

Brushie Bat

Brushie Bat

I’m going to be honest here – I’d rather have cats with brushies.

Brushie Cat

Brushie Cat


Brushie Cat

Brushie Cat


Brushie Cat

Brushie Cat


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