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Today is Hot Dog Day

It seems 18 July 2018 is Hot Dog Day.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when the next one is, or how the day is fixed – all I see are dates for the last two, 19 July 2017, and 14 July 2016.

Best of luck finding 2019’s day if there is a rule in there to be had from those three!

Anyway, I’m guessing from what I’ve read that this is really a US ‘day’, as it refers to skinlesss sausages and grilling the things.

Our UK hot dogs are usually steamed or heated in hot water, and quite different from the grilled type, and probably more pork than beef. And, since I don’t want be told I’m completely wrong about them, that’s as much as I think I’ll say about their recipe.

However, since I’m NOT a lover of ‘burgers’, and always used to go for the hot dog option when at an outdoor event and feeling hungry, I have to give this a mention.

This was the only decent image I could get of a ‘steamed’ hot dog – the rest were really horrible ‘staged’ images (ie probably inedible), or of the grilled type.

The only problem is I like mine with onions and tomato or brown sauce, not mustard. But if this is all I can find in the free stock images, so be it.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog


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