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Greening Glasgow Green

It’s been the best part of almost two months since I was able to get to Glasgow Green, and a couple of news items contained references that caused me some concern.

Not that events were held on the Green, that’s fine, and what the place is for, and why the people of Glasgow have the enduring right of access to the area and, as noted previously, used their influence to ensure the council did not grant permission for a coal mine to be opened there after deposits were found below. And that coal is STILL down there.

My problem is this:

The park was reopened to the public on Sunday afternoon after weeks of being fenced off, and council staff are laying new turf on affected areas to make it look green again.

Glasgow Green off colour after summer of sun and music

And repeated here:

The park has reopened to the public after being fenced off while the festival was on.

Glasgow Green has lost its ‘green’ due to sunshine and festivals

I’ve no issue with the festivals, but like the dopey 2014 Commonwealth Games, object to be denied access I apparently have a right to – during the stupid games, I found that one event led to the People’s Palace being fenced off, and had I visited on the day after that which I was there, I would have found it closed and fenced off while privileged competitors ran around it.

I say that’s just plain WRONG.

But, on a positive note, when I did return there last night, I found that although the temporary fencing had been dismantled in places, and that the reality may be that the grassed part of the Green was restricted access, and one could still access the Green, and the route along the side of the River Clyde, which would naughty, but perhaps acceptable.

What of the grass, referred to in the two news items referred to above?

While the aerial shots accompanying the stories look alarming (and may have been edited to make them look even worse – the media has been known to do such things), the view from the ground is much less dramatic, although it is still a matter of concern that vast areas have had to be returfed.

Who Pays?

What’s MISSING from those stories is identification of WHO PAYS for the turf and labour.

The people of Glasgow through their Council Tax?

Or is the cost of this work covered by the event organisers?

I’d like to know. How about you?

It’s a good job we aren’t enjoying a hosepipe ban like our cousins down south, as the new turf was getting a little drink to help it settle in last night.

Glasgow Green Returf

Glasgow Green Returf



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