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Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery – at last!

This is really the image that should have been in last night’s ‘Riverside – at last!‘ post.

It wasn’t, simply because it was too late to carry on past Riverside, and get the pic I really wanted.

So, although it doesn’t make a great difference, I couldn’t have said this was the first day I could completed a trip that began on 05 June.

The special Mackintosh event is still running – I never expected to see that.

Just for fun, since I’m slowly mastering perspective correction, I thought I’d see how well I could correct a façade view of Kelvingrove’s entrance. It’s so high to the tips of the two spires that it’s almost guaranteed that even with a decently wide lens, you’ll still have to tip the camera back, even just slightly, to get it all in, and that brings the lovely converging verticals.

You also have to remember to make ‘best effort’ to maintain left/right symmetry/alignment.

I may be commenting on my own effort, but overall, even I’m impressed by how this one turned out. Ignore the black bit at bottom right – I didn’t claim it was perfect.

On the other hand, I am slowly beating my OCD into submission, and no longer wait for hours until there are no bodies in the pic!

Boy, does this save time.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum

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Media is so disappointing nowadays

I remember the ‘Good Old Days’ – days when you could see police/ambulance congregating in a street, get home, look at the news, and find out what you’d been lucky to miss by not being there a few minutes earlier.

Now that we live in the days of supposedly ‘instant news’ I seem to find that this no longer works, and I have to go dig for such stuff, if it ever even gets mentioned.

I came home last night, expecting to see something online about some incident in Bridgeton that had closed off a street with two police cars, and two ambulances in conference between them, and, even today, the local female population leaning out of their windows saying meaningful things to one another (but not able to be heard at street level).

About the only useful thing I learned from this incident is how busy this apparently quiet street actually as, as an endless stream of cars tried to get along it, but had to back out. It was surprising to see how fast a reasonable backlog built up.

But mention online in media? Nope.

Bridgeton Cordon Police Ambulance

Bridgeton Cordon Police Ambulance

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Stop lookin’ at mah damn butt hoomin!

Regulars will know my problem with most cats around here, most of them don’t hang around until you get near them, or stay still long enough for anything more than a pic of their butt as they wander off.

This guy looked tough enough to fend for himself, and stopped (or slowed down) long enough to turn a little and throw a warning glance behind as I was about to take my usual ‘catbutt’ pic.

Semi Catbutt

Semi Catbutt

I haven’t been around the streets much (at all) during the recent warm spell, so don’t know if the cats came out.

I saw another couple before this one, but they managed to teleport during the few seconds needed to get to the camera.

Quantum entanglement has NOTHING on what the cats around here can do!

Clearly, they have all been tutored by Schrödinger’s cat.

Schroedinger Dead And Alive

Schrödinger Dead And Alive

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The lost lampposts of Muirhead Road

I’ve had some pics of the realignment of Muirhead Road (at the back of Baillieston) made to accommodate all the new houses being built there ever since the zoo was closed and things like were swept away to clear the land.

It used to be a nice walk along there. There was even what appeared to be a small area of managed forest planted there, and looked as if it was intended to restore or manage trees in the area.

Somehow, even that was razed, destroying all the relatively new trees that had been growing there, together with the much older originals which had surrounded the fenced off and managed area.

I wonder if that was even legal?

To access the new houses built on the stolen sorry ‘reclaimed’ land, new roads had to be laid, and the old Muirhead Road was realigned and given a roundabout to join up with them.

One of the odd things that happened was the remodelling of the area which the old road had been on, converting it from tarmac to grass.

While this was completed and hid the route of the old road under new ‘greenness’, nobody bothered to remove the old lampposts which lit that original road.

The still stand there to this day, but now look as if they were planted in a field since the road they lit is no more.

I wasn’t happy with the pics I took, it’s just not possible to get high enough to show them, but this pic is not so bad.

You can see the new road and lighting to the left and centre of the pic, but if you look to the right you’ll see one of the abandoned lampposts. No longer lit, so not likely to act like the “wrecker’s lights” of old, and lure drivers into the field. Wreckers would plant false lights on clifftops to confuse sailing ships, taking the place of signal lights in the area, and intended to make the ships founder on rocks, after which they could steal the cargo as it washed ashore.

I wonder if they’ll ever remover them?

I don’t go there very often. Once an interesting walk on a Sunday morning, the road is just another bland, uninteresting, and featureless housing estate now.

Apart from these lampposts of course.

Click on the pic for a bigger version.

Baillieston Muirhead Road Realignment Lost Lamppost

Baillieston Muirhead Road Realignment Lost Lamppost

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Today is Space Exploration Day

20 July is Space Exploration Day.

Although obviously inspired by events taking place on the Moon on this date, the day is not intended to be just about that day, but is intended to pay homage to the incredible achievements of the past and create enthusiasm for the benefits of space exploration efforts to come in the future.

It has its own web site where more details can be found.

Space Exploration Day

It’s not something I might have bothered about a few years ago, until it became apparent that now that we are smart enough to start looking for asteroids that could wipe us out, we really do have to look for solutions to that problem, starting now.

The answer won’t be easy or fast, but the arrival of one those asteroids probably will be.

And then, it will be too late to say something like “Yep, we better start looking for an answer first thing tomorrow morning”.

Space Exploration Day

Space Exploration Day

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Today is Moon Day

20 July is Moon Day.

It’s fairly obvious how this came to be, even though the events of that day, when the first footprints were laid and left on the Moon, are long-lost in the past, were the Harbinger’s of Doom for the future of such projects.

While that first Moon landing may have captured the public’s interest, the public is a fickle audience, and when subsequent lunar explorations were apparently just repeat performances, that interest soon waned, plans were shelved, and missions cancelled.

Apollo 17 was the last, taking place in December 1972 – not really all that long after Apollo 11, 1969.

Perhaps the saddest legacy of the Moon landings are the many people prepared to spend hundreds of hours fabricating ‘evidence’ to prove they never happened, and that the Earth is, of course, flat.

Moon Landings

Moon Landings

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