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New Police Scotland building in Dalmarnock

While it may seem that I favour only old building as I collect the odd image or two around Glasgow, this is not actually true.

What is true is that I actively seek anything that has managed to survive, and record it before it disappears for whatever reason.

What is also true is that there are few modern buildings worth effort of ‘collecting’ in the east end of Glasgow. Most offerings are just mass-produced flats or housing, generally following the pattern of previous years, and perhaps only differing in the material and methods used. I just don’t get to the areas where the new building are going up around Glasgow, and the city centre. On the few occasions I’ve seen the city centre riverside area, I barely recognise it – I wouldn’t know what to treat as ‘new’.

I will grant exemption to that generalisation to the buildings constructed for the ‘Athletes Village’ for the silly Commonwealth Games of 2104. Although I did collect pics of a number of those new building once the security cordon was raised and the people of Glasgow were allowed back onto their own land, I never got around to pulling the collection together and using the pics.

I was probably still suffering the effect of having to keep walking past the disgusting ‘Red Shed’ aka Emirates Arena dumped on Parkhead. Still looks like a ghost town down there, with vast, empty car parks – and the only possible benefit being a health centre stuck on the back, part of the deal for building the shed, and razing the existing community facilities to make space.

Moving past that, there is something a little nicer, and probably more useful – a new (or not so new now) Police Headquarters building, delivered to replace the Pitt Street premises that were in the city centre, which was probably not ideal.

Apparently I should be referring to this as ‘Riverside East’ (is that ‘Sales & Marketing DepartmentSpeak for Dalmarnock?), perhaps trying to connect the lowly east end with Riverside in the west end, where Riverside Transport Museum lives.

Planned while the Scottish police were still Strathclyde Police and before Police Scotland arrived, the building is home for around 1,100 (police officers and civilian staff), and cost around £24 million.

Police Scotland Clyde Gateway Building

Police Scotland Clyde Gateway Building

Despite the appearance of four ‘layers to this structure, it actually has five floors within.

I’m sure this building will not be to everyone’s taste, but I like its simplicity, and easy appearance to the eye.

I don’t know any structural or operating details of the building, but assuming the environmental aspects have been adequately addressed, with all that open glazing, it must be nice to work in, and have a view.

In my time, I’ve been landed with too many laboratory and controlled environments, buried deep inside buildings, with absolutely NO connection to the outside world, let alone a window!

Police Scotland Clyde Gateway

Police Scotland Clyde Gateway


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