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Wake up Calton Hill

Ever since I ambled along to Calton Hill in the mistaken belief that I would find The Royal Observatory there (so, in those days, writers about such things were not so careful), I’ve always felt Calton Hill was a slightly disappointing place to visit.

That’s not to be interpreted as a call for development there, and it has some interesting features, and a great view that should always be protected and preserved. Rather, it’s just that you get there, and… not a lot of reward for your effort. You don’t feel as if you have ‘arrived’.

It’s hard to describe really, as there’s the National Monument, notable, but also notable for being started but not finished, Nelson’s Monument, also notable, but only takes a second to look at, and the site of the City Observatory.

The latter being what made me glum when I found it, more or less abandoned, closed, derelict some might say, and the repeated target of vandals and thieves, who apparently kept stealing the roofing materials.

I have memories of reading that it later became a holiday let – if that saved it, then that’s possibly a sad fate, but worth it.

So, plans for a new site on Calton Hill – to be called Collective – which will incorporate the City Observatory and City Dome as well as offering a new purpose-built exhibition space called The Hillside can’t be bad news.

Built on a cantilever partially suspended over Calton Hill, diners will be treated to breathtaking views of the city in The Lookout.

The new restaurant will be launched in partnership with Collective – the organisation in charge of the complete revamp of the City Observatory on Calton Hill.

The Lookout by Gardener’s Cottage will feature floor to ceiling glass windows and promises panoramic views across Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth.

Further details including the menu and an opening date are yet to be revealed.

The best view in Edinburgh? Designs of new Calton Hill restaurant revealed

City Observatory Calton Hill

City Observatory Calton Hill

I’m so used to seeing drone pics these days I had to look twice at this one.

In fact, it was taken back in 2010, from the aforementioned Nelson Monument.

And it confirms my comment about the view – if for nothing else, it makes the (short) climb up the hill worthwhile.


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