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Arctic Convoy museum receives funding assistance

I never really appreciated the detail of the Arctic Convoys until I did a little of my own research for a post, then realised I’d missed a lot with regard to this story.

Sadly, while education about this wartime effort is growing, this is only happening as the last few survivors have grown very old, and their numbers are dwindling.

There has always been some sort of memorial to those involved, but not a proper, formal museum.

However, ongoing efforts to create such a facility are moving towards a successful conclusion, and I noticed news of another award which the project will benefit from.

A project dedicated to World War Two’s Russian Arctic Convoys has received £72,820 from the Scottish Land Fund.

The Highlands’ Russian Arctic Convoy Project (RACP) will use the money to buy a former butcher’s shop in Aultbea for a new exhibition centre.

The nearby Loch Ewe was a gathering point for many of the convoys.

The Arctic Convoys transported four million tons of supplies and munitions to Russia between 1941 and 1945.

More than 3,000 Allied seamen lost their lives to the freezing conditions and attacks during the trips to ports in the Arctic Circle after Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.

Funds awarded to Aultbea, Aberdeen and Leadburn projects

Arctic Convoy Memorial

Arctic Convoy Memorial

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More odd rally cars spotted – no giant spider this time

I’m really quite puzzled by the odd rally cars I’ve seen passing through Glasgow now, after the first with the giant spider (I keep wondering if was spotted and approved at customs).

I came across two more last night, hiding in the car park at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and muffed my chance of maybe learning more too!

I’d been approached earlier, by some foreign chappies trying to fathom the parking ticket machine (‘Charges apply at ALL times’ – seriously, that’s just dirty tricks Glasgow District Council). They’d been studying the instructions for ages, then came and asked me if I had any change (unfortunately not, I often go out without a penny, just to make sure I don’t spend what I don’t have). Sorry guys.

It was only later, after I’d spotted these cars, and saw the same guys collecting their luggage, I realised I’d missed my chance.

They have the same rally ‘badge’ as the spider Citroen, other than the team name, and no more info or identification of the event.

Surely somebody out there knows, and will give us a clue.

There’s a nice comfy ‘Comments Area’ waiting for you, just below.

‘The General Mercy’.

Kelvingrove Rally Mercedes

Kelvingrove Rally Mercedes


Kelvingrove Rally Mercedes

Kelvingrove Rally Mercedes

And another. The red lettering over the rear number plate is lost in the evening gloom, but states…

‘Still… Could be worse’.

Kelvingrove Rally Opel

Kelvingrove Rally Opel


Kelvingrove Rally Opel

Kelvingrove Rally Opel

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Invisible woman spotted in Argyle Street

This was odd.

She was standing on this little plinth in Argyle Street when I first ‘saw’ her.

And she was STILL standing there when I passed the same place on my way back home a few hours later.

Maybe she had nothing better to do?

Argyle Street Shoes

Argyle Street Shoes

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Baillieston Dog Hut shutter mural

I never seem to pass this shutter mural when the conditions are good for a pic AND it’s down.

I give up – this catch will just have to do.

It’s probably one of the simplest I’ve ever collected, if not the simplest, yet actually works in that simplicity.

I’ve collected others that have few elements, but unlike this one, they seem to have depended on being abstract, and look almost unrelated to the business behind them.

The Dog Hut Shutter Mural

The Dog Hut Shutter Mural

I should maybe add, the bit under the paw print is NOT part of the mural, but a shadow cast by a nearby red post box thanks to a street light.

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