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MCLellan Galleries strangeness

Recall the recent post regarding the vanishing porch of the McLellan Galleries.

Since I didn’t seem to able to dig anything up regarding the fate of this venue online (if you know better, PLEASE add a comment below), I decided to make another detour when nearby.

Last time I hadn’t bothered sticking my nose up against the glass doors as they were locked and filthy, but this time I decided to have a closer, just in case I was missing something obvious.

From the previous post, there are NO signs anywhere around the entrance, and I can now confirm there is nothing on show just inside the entrance either.

Although the place is in darkness, with no lights on, my ‘famed’ handheld low light photography skills extracted a view from the gloom (and this was 20:30 with fading exterior evening light).

The sandstone sides of the corridor behind the door can still be seen, with the odd circular detail on each side.

The track lighting system installed on the roof of this entrance corridor is also still clearly visible.

In the distance, the glass doors to the gallery space can be seen, complete with reflections from the street, even showing the steel mesh of the perimeter fence around the current works in Sauchiehall Street (and some sort of ghoulish figure standing in the doorway).

Even some floor detail can be seen.


What the heck is that in the upper right of the pic?

It looks like a hole in the ceiling, and view through to the roof of the surrounding building.

Impossible, and I didn’t notice this at the time.

I’m assuming the rational explanation of this merely being a reflection of the building behind the photographer, caught in the gallery’s glass door – which is a fine explanation, were it not for the fact that the lens of the camera was placed against the door, to avoid any reflections. It’s definitely the building behind (from the window design, chimneys, and vegetation – the mystery is just how it came to appear.

I suppose this means ANOTHER visit as soon as possible, just to work out what actually caused that roof segment to be captured in the shot.

My guess is simply a double set of glass doors – so I was able to avoid any reflections in the outer set, but couldn’t do anything about the inner set.

McLellan Galleries Entrance Corridor

McLellan Galleries Entrance Corridor

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