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BAR 1 visits Glasgow – and makes me run!

A weird vehicle I didn’t recognise, but a more interesting registration.

Intriguing to see BAR 1 is on this little Mercedes thing – apparently a Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner – since this is a ‘1’ registration, it’s probably worth a lot more than what it’s attached to.

I just spotted this passing, out of the old traditional ‘Corner of my eye’, and then got lucky as I was able to slip through some back streets and catch it, just before it sped off into the distance.

2017 Mercedes Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner [BAR 1]

2017 Mercedes Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner [BAR 1]

I should look at the catalogues more often, and know what oddities the manufacturer’s are coming up with,


I later discovered the title of this post wasn’t really correct,

Although I’d assumed ‘Hampden’ cabs were connected to Hampden for some strange reason, it seems that’s not entirely true, and I tripped over their fairly sizeable base in… Polmadie/Oatlands/Shawfield/Rutherglen (I never know which of these applies – I’ve seen all given in adjacent addresses here, but they use Shawfield) a few days later.

Oh well – just proves the old ‘Never assume!’ warning.

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