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News item connecting Kelvingrove to Hitler was… both fake and old news

I was interested to see a certain (unnamed) local news site feature an article about a photograph allegedly connecting Kelvingrove to Hitler – it was less than either fresh or accurate.

The picture was found during the three-year long refurbishment of the museum and art gallery, and reported back in 2006.

The picture was given to a former Lord Provost of Glasgow in 1933, in recognition for work done with in Anglo-German cultural exchanges.

The back of the photograph was signed: “To Sir Daniel Stephenson, Best wishes Adolf Hitler, October 23, 1933″. Adolf Hitler had been named Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933.

Politician, businessman, and philanthropist, Sir Daniel Stephenson was born in Glasgow, served as Lord Provost from 1911 to 1914, and as Chancellor of the University of Glasgow from 1934 to 1944.

So, other than being found while items were being moved in the museum during refurbishment, the picture provides NO tangible reason to justify a headline suggesting a link between Kelvingrove and Hitler.

Tut tut. Seriously BAD clickbait from Gl… (nope, not going to start a named war).

Find a better written and more accurate account here.

Museum finds signed Hitler photo

Kelvingrove Oblique

Kelvingrove Oblique

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Peter Pan project at Moat House almost complete

I’ll soon be able to stop watching for developments at Moat Brae House in Dumfries, as the long-running project looks set to reach completion in 2019.

Unintentionally, I think this became the longest-running single issue item I mentioned, and then (made the mistake of) following up whenever it appeared in the news.

I think the first post about it was made back in 2008.

I’d really only meant to include the story about the house hopefully being saved from the attention of vandals, then it developed into a major project to create a visitor centre to remember the inspiration of the author’s story of Peter Pan.

Contractors have completed an 18-month restoration project on a Dumfries building that helped to inspire JM Barrie to write Peter Pan.

It paves the way for Moat Brae to open as a national centre for children’s literature next year.

Balfour Beatty has handed back the keys to the Georgian house to the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust. (PPMBT).

Electrical and minor interior work will be completed before a full public opening planned for spring 2019.

Key moment for Peter Pan project in Dumfries

Moat Brae

Moat Brae © Copyright Darrin Antrobus

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Looks like my Rutherglen camera test find was for average speed cameras

I chanced across a sign for some sort of camera test as I crossed a busy Rutherglen road recently, but although there were signs highlighting the presence of a test, there didn’t seem to be any immediate reveal of what the test was for.

Rutherglen Test Camera

Rutherglen Test Camera

I wondered if the poles, or the symbol mounted at the top might have given a clue.

It might be that they do.

See this story which just appeared regarding the success of an average speed camera installation

Officials monitoring the camera system on Old Dalkeith Road in Edinburgh said there was now an average of two offences recorded per day.

Before the cameras were installed three in every five vehicles were speeding.

Between 2013-15 there were six crashes where someone was injured on that stretch of road, including three resulting in serious injury or death.

During the last year there have been no crashes resulting in injury reported on Old Dalkeith Road in the area covered by the average speed camera system.

Offences drop on Scotland’s first urban road with average speed cameras

Compare the mount and the

Old Dalkieth Road Safety Camera Scotland Pic

Old Dalkeith Road Safety Camera Scotland Pic

Here’s the corner detail, as it’s not clear in the full image.

Camera Pole Corner Detail

Camera Pole Corner Detail

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