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Interesting 25 SY

Another of my favourites (a 2 + 2) combination, this time on a 2008 (I think) black Mercedes SL350 Auto petrol (thank goodness, not another diesel).

As a peasant and mortal, I can’t access more than the normal public records, but one day I’d really like to find out why some registrations lead me to cars with incomplete details, and/or that simply return ‘There was a problem’ when I search the official Government site.

It’s not as if they just started computerising the records yesterday, and people can have their cars seized and destroyed for offences (like no insurance or MOT) based on those records if they can’t prove they are incorrect quickly enough – I hope the official/full records are better than the dross I have to use.

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

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City centre street light lamppost wiring reveal

Passing this lamppost in Glasgow city centre recently had, at first, sparked of the thought of “How much current does a 70 W street light need?”

Forgive the assumption of 70 W in this case, I know this was the power rating of the last real street light bulb I had in my hand one day, I have no idea the rating of a new/modern LED street light. And, as usual, am just too lazy to go look just now. But, it will be LESS.

That’s some pretty meaty wiring arriving at the base of this lamppost, and it won’t simply be for insulation, as you won’t normally have any REALLY high voltage being deployed this close to pedestrians and, as in this case, the chance of a cover being easily ‘lost’.

The second thought that came to mind was the whining noise heard from the tiresome naysayers, this time the ones who say we can’t have electric vehicles as there’s no way to provide mass charging (if there is ever a second battery electric car on the road!)

I saw them tear apart (in their opinion) plans to legislate for low-level charging sockets to be added to lampposts, thereby providing a convenient top-up for parked EVs in the city, or other places for that matter.

The naysayers ‘expert’ opinion being that the wiring would be overloaded, and of course, once two or three EVs plug in, the country will be plunged into darkness as they draw all the power from, and overload the grid.

Guess what?

I’m not worrying about either (and unlike the naysayers, I do have some experience with this stuff).

I’m even less worried now, as I’ve seen inside quite a few of these new installations in recent years.

City Centre Street Light Wiring

City Centre Street Light Wiring

I should add that this will be steel armoured cable, so although it might look huge, the current carrying part is a smaller cable within the armoured part.

This also uses (or should use) a high rupture current (HRC) fuse, because they can be being fed from a main (ie large capacity) supply.

An ordinary fuse doesn’t provide appropriate protection, there can be arcing and overloading which the design of the special HRC fuse should prevent.

I never know if I should add little details like this.

Does anybody care?

Does anybody even understand?

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