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Smacking kids is OK – but smashing their iPads sends wrong signal about violence?

If you ever needed convincing that the masses are too stupid to be allowed to make their own decisions, then the existence of campaigns to oppose a ban on disciplining children by beating (sorry, smacking), and the attacks on Kirstie Allspop after she smashed her children’s iPads when they broke the rules on gaming times should do the job.

Kirstie Allsopp leaves Twitter over iPad smashing backlash

Probably nobody would have noticed if she’d just beat them into a bloody pulp to emphasise the fact that they had been ‘naughty’, and should learn what happens when they don’t do as they are told.

Go on – play on this you little…

Smashed iPad

Smashed iPad


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Lil Bub has a problem



I wasn’t sure if this item would embed as I sometimes get a surprise when I find WordPress refuses all my efforts to add some fairly common and popular sources, while others slot in without any complaints.

This one looks OK.

We don’t see much of the Internet cats these days, at least I don’t, in the places where they used to feature often online, although it looks as if they’re still wandering around helping others.

I first read about one of the real originals, Lil Bub, having a problem a few days ago, then found the story was true, and had been announced/detailed on her Tumblr (something I never normally go near).

Fingers crossed that this is as much of a non-event as they suggest, and she’s not at risk.

So, we all know Bub’s a little girl, just go with the thought.

King Of The Internet

King Of The Internet

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That time Robert Burns slept in Marks & Spencer

Well, even though Marks & Spencer wasn’t even established until 1884, and their Argyle Street shop (I guess) wasn’t built until the 1960s, I’m sure somebody somewhere will read about Burns’ dossing down in the Black Bull Inn back in 1787/8 and think this was just the name of building before M&S occupied it.

The plaque is off the main street, and you have to look in Virginia Street to find it, so it was almost a surprise to spot it, since I’m usually looking at the ground, or following my own advice to ‘Look Up’.

Still, a nice surprise to trip over something not noticed before.

Robert Burns Black Bull Plaque

Robert Burns Black Bull Plaque

It’s a bit of downer that the Burns Club didn’t date the installation of their plaque – I’d like to have known how long I’d been missing this.

And having seen this post, my apologies for the reflection on the plaque, but at least this isn’t my fault as I don’t get much choice over when I grab pics.

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Today is No News is Good News Day

11 September is No News is Good News Day.

Fed up with the endless stream of bad news that the media seems to rejoice in spewing all over you?

Surprising as it may seem, the world will carry on if you don’t know about every crisis, disaster, scandal, and tragedy. Your day doesn’t have to be crammed with moronic celebrity trivia, or the latest report about the daily misdeeds of the great and not-so-good.

Cut off all your new inputs for 24 hours, enjoy the peace, maybe look out the window and see what really matters.

You might find the break so refreshing and enjoyable that you become more careful about just how much (if any) of the mindless daily trivia masquerading as news you let in when you turn the media taps back on.

No News

No News

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Today is Hot Cross Bun Day

11 September is Hot Cross Bun Day.

Not something I expected to see having its own day.

Historically known as a Good Friday treat, these buns can now be found around the year.

And why not?

I didn’t realise they had crept onto the shelves as regular finds, and only noticed this when they were on sale – and that makes them even better!

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

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