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Weekly round-up: 16 September 2018

Interesting comment on a new bypass in Aberdeen, which seems to have forgotten about cyclists. Bad idea nowadays. A bit like Lidl, which has completed new or revamped shops around Glasgow recently, yet has provided no bike stands in these new works . Morrison’s has also failed in this respect. But Aldi and Tesco have provided stands.

Cyclists protest over dedicated Aberdeen bypass paths

This appeared at the same time, and shows the problem of advocates for EITHER side, as Nick Freeman demand top much legislation to control cyclists, and Jodi Gordon demand all bias to be in favour of cyclists. Hopefully, less biased heads (either way) will make more balanced changes.

Jodi Gordon: Road traffic law tinkering doesn’t go far enough

A lot of words, but not much is actually said in this article about a subject I’m pleasantly surprised to see becoming reality. Sadly, the usual moron appears in the comments, and just HAS to be a miserable naysayer who wants to see this venture fail… or maybe not even get off the ground.

Lauren Payne: Feet on the ground before launching space satellites

So, Scotland has the ‘Highest Hedge in the World’, yet a private individual is expected to foot a £90 k bill to maintain a tourist attraction they cannot generate funds from? Time to pop into the local garden centre and buy a chain saw and wood chipper.

Owner of the world’s highest hedge facing £90,000 bill for getting it trimmed

NOPE! Rengelov is NO Scottish Elon Musk. This carefully written propaganda piece for hydrogen attempts to paint it as ‘better’ than electricity for vehicles, concentrating the reader on its environmental credentials (which are good) but neglecting to provide the full story by considering the (non-existent and costly) hydrogen infrastructure needed to support it. I suggest anyone interested ready up.

Glasgow’s ‘Elon Musk’ hoping to revolutionise passenger transport

Glasgow’s iconic gasworks at Provanmill and Temple have had their listed status confirmed. Provan was built in 1904, and Temple in 1871. Scottish Gas Networks had labelled the decision to grant two gasworks listed status ‘illogical’, claiming the status would have a massive economic impact on potential use of the sites.

Listed status secured for Glasgow’s two iconic gasworks

is it just my hearing, or has anyone ever heard the word ‘Responsibilities’ uttered by creeps like this as they whine about their rights and ‘Free Speech’ as they spew their bile over the rest of us?

Man fined for Nazi pug video invited to speak at European Parliament

Never comfortable with publishing details (esp with pics) like this so prominently before evidence reviewed, or conviction confirmed, but since I noted this appear last week.

HMS Queen Elizabeth: Police reveal why six British sailors were arrested

For a moment, I really thought someone would throw a spanner in this nice little cinema project – but it’s made it.

Cromarty cinema plan gets go-ahead

I see Glasgow is on the 200% list – guess I better move the luxury flats (two big cardboard boxes) I left near the road!

Double council tax for 15,000 empty homes



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