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An oldie in Oswald Street

I once thought it would be a nice idea to catch views of some the old surviving buildings in Glasgow.

That was so long ago, cameras only had film in them, and the electronic bits only controlled the exposure.

But even that far back, I gave the idea up after only two weeks (or weekends to be accurate) since it quickly became obvious, even then, that most of the crusty, wrinkly, old buildings were long gone, leaving (mostly) those that had survived with some sort of use, or those that were abandoned, derelict, and featureless. Utilitarian types with nothing to distinguish one from another. The type where a pic of one is a pic of all.


It’s still possible to find a few surprises, such as this fragment I spotted by chance in Oswald Street.

There’s a nice sandstone building to its left – but much of the rest is gone now, with new builds having taken most of the street over in recent years.

This is close to being a gap site.

Oswald Street Remnant

Oswald Street Remnant

It shows another ‘feature’ I once thought of wandering around the city and collection from old buildings, but I was too late for that one too, most having weathered to the extent that they were almost invisible to the camera, even if the eye could still make them out.

Almost gone, this is only visible evidence of the once common signs painted on many of these buildings in their day.

I looked at the rest of the façade, but the decayed surface had lost any details that might once have been visible.

Oswald Street Sign Remnant

Oswald Street Sign Remnant

The shop unit on the right hasn’t seen a decent/real occupant for years, and remains unoccupied.

I suspect if the two remaining units ever go, this would soon become a proper ‘gap site’ which would be easier to sell.

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