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Tasty Treats are better than Disgusting Diablos in Tollcross

I hate to admit it, bu there are some things I’ll simply NEVER change my mind or opinion about.

I’m not sure if that’s sad (I’m sure some will think it is), or just marks me as ‘individual’ rather than ‘sheeple’.

In this case it’s ‘tramp stamps’, which I think is a much better name than tattoos, or the trendier kewl reference to ‘ink’.

I find the whole concept disgusting, and sad that people today find some need to find comfort in a degrading practice (think slavery, criminals, and those in concentration camps in World War II).

With this in mind, I was really pleased to see ‘Tasty Treats’ open in Tollcross recently.

Tollcross Tasty Treats

Tollcross Tasty Treats

Much better than ‘Disgusting Diablos’ (who didn’t even get the apostrophe correct in their own sign).

Disgusting Diablos

Disgusting Diablos

In case anyone wants to misrepresent me – I have no problem with body art, some is absolutely fantastic.

I love looking at the reports from some of the contests held around the world every year.

I just have a problem with the invasive and permanent nature of tattoos, the risks associated with them, and the pain and suffering so many people end up going through after getting what they wanted.

Places like Diablo’s win both ways, as they offered laser removal too.

Paid to put the stamp on.

Paid to take the stamp off too!

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