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Weekly round-up: 23 September 2018

No Round-up possible this week – I have little or no idea what has been happening after wasting days on a possible failure of a computer didn’t materialise, but all my browsers did decide to go into meltdown. I keep four different versions in use (each of differing complexity) since an update can render one unusable if it changes something important, but something took three of them out completely, while the fourth still worked, but lost all locally stored settings and data.

Never seen anything like that before, and it took most of the week to fix, leaving no time to look at any news.

Biggest surprise was that when I tried to make the change to another browser (actually two, as I keep at least two different browsers simmering in the background as alternates for emergencies), neither of them could replicate the effectiveness of my browser of choice.

And the add-ons/extensions were shockingly poor performers, failing to achieve the same ‘tricks’ I normally enjoy, or performing poorly.

I will never complain or grumble about the incumbent again.



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Mackintosh Building S19

Per the note in this week’s Weekly round-up, although I’d managed to make a note of relevant news at the start of the week, I lost the plot fairly quickly, although I was told there were more items later in the week.

Rather than have the week incomplete, I’ll just roll what I had into next week, and that gives me a chance to play catch-up with any other developments, and stay reasonably current.

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If sheep could drive

Need I say more?

Renault Clio [R5 BAA]

Renault Clio [R5 BAA]

This reminds me of the good old days of ferry travel.

The ferry operators let farmers transport their sheep to the mainland for free, usually a one-way trip to market since they wouldn’t be coming back.

Once the islanders got wise to this, it seems that they would grab the nearest sheep if they wanted to go to the mainland, stuff their passenger in the car, and claim a free trip.

Some carried it to extremes, and had some pretty convincing disguises, just in case there were no handy sheep nearby.

Free Sheep Ferry

Free Sheep Ferry

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