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Glasgow lighting elves must be emptying the spare lighting stores

Noticed a funny thing a few weeks ago, while cruising the back streets of Shettleston and Sandyhills.

Along with the bigger main streets, these are beginning to see a slow roll-out of new and upgraded hardware.

While the main roads have seen a 100% commitment to LED upgrading, lesser streets seem to be benefiting from an upgrade to many of the ancient lampposts standing in them, but not to a 100% LED upgrade.

This probably makes a deal of sense. Many of the posts must be decades old, and are made of ferrous stock, or the more interesting reinforced concrete.

In either case, these relics are, sadly, suffering the effects of Scottish weather and their age. Many metal poles are now showing advanced corrosion, and the concrete type are failing as the surface concrete lets water in to the reinforcing steel rods within. These corrode, blow off their concrete protection, and accelerate the corrosion process.

While I’ve never seen any of them just collapse, I have seen a number of lesser posts on road signs suffer corrosion to the extent that they have become weak enough to collapse from their own weight, or have just been pushed over.

Now that it’s getting dark early, I get to play with low light hand held pics again.

I’d almost forgotten about the back street lighting updates. This work seems to be carried out by the Street Lighting Elves, since I’ve never seen it actually happen, just see the changes when I pass during the morning after.

But dark nights mean I can see the ‘new’ lights in action, and this confirms an earlier observation that the lights fitted to the new poles appeared to be chosen at random, and are not a general changeover to LEDs.

A couple of view along one street show the effect.

In the first, looking along the left side of the street we have: fluorescent, sodium, sodium, fluorescent, fluorescent; and along the right: LED, LED, fluorescent, LED.

I’m still pretty sure they’re using up existing stock, rather than discarding it, as the upgrade progresses.

Odd Street Lighting Upgrade 1

Odd Street Lighting Upgrade 1

In this view we have along the left: sodium, fluorescent, sodium, sodium, fluorescent; and on the right: LED, LED (this IS lit although it looks as if there is no light on this pole, spot it in the first pic), fluorescent.

Odd Street Lighting Upgrade 2

Odd Street Lighting Upgrade 2

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