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Early alert for Hebridean Dark Skies Festival

While it doesn’t really matter (I am nowhere near the Hebrides, and certainly can’t afford to go there just to look at sky, no matter HOW dark it is), I guarantee you I will have forgotten all about this by February.

But it is worth noting how many Dark Sky events are being organised in Scotland now.

The Hebridean Dark Skies Festival will take place on the Isle of Lewis from 8-21 February.

Speakers will include Chris Lintott from BBC’s The Sky at Night, science presenter Heather Couper and Astronomer Royal for Scotland, John Brown.

There will be live music performances and screenings of films, including The Rocket Post and the silent movie Wunder Der Schöpfung.

Arts centre An Lanntair, Stornoway Astronomical Society, Calanais Visitor Centre, Gallan Head Community Trust and Lews Castle College UHI are involved in the festival.

Stargazing events will be held at Gallan Head and the Calanais Standing Stones.

First Hebridean Dark Skies Festival to be held

See this Events Page for dates of the many events being held during this festival.

The story of the ‘Rocket Post’ is one I came across many years ago, and was a fascinating attempt, years ahead of its time.

Starry sky

Starry sky


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Today is World Egg Day

12 October 2018 is World Egg Day.

I’m sorry, this is ANOTHER wondering day, defined as falling on the second Friday in October, so will next take place on 11 October 2019.

World Egg Day celebrates this wonderful little package of deliciousness, and the incredibly important role eggs play in our day to day lives.

Possibly one of the oldest foods known, eggs have played an important role in our lives and health almost since time forever.

One of the sad things about the Internet/web is the number of loonies who have set up pages, and made videos with baseless claims that eggs are dangerous poison, and that every one you eat could be the one that kills you, or will have you in hospital.

All I can say is look around you and decide for yourself – if there was even a shed of truth in that nonsense, hospitals would be full, and the crematoria and graveyards would not be able to keep up with demand.

I can’t even pick a favourite recipe, but have to confess I nearly always grab an egg when I was fast food (and I mean REAL fast food, not McDung which I have never touched in my life), and it’s into, and out of, the frying pan in a minute or two, usually before the the toast it will be joining has popped up.

Take care of your eggs.

Egg Care

Egg Care

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