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Today is Dessert Day

14 October is Dessert Day.

I AM a committed dessert person, and hate being out for a business dinner or lunch with people who are just too ‘serious’, and turn their noses up when the waiter offers the option of dessert, and I’m the only one longing for the final treat.

Sometimes I just don’t give a damn, and will order one (come on, the company’s paying!), even if everyone is just spinning on a redundant finger while I enjoy that final course!

It seems the word dessert comes from the French ‘desservir’, which means ‘to clear the table’, and refers to a dish served after the main dishes of the meal. The earliest references to the term dessert seem to be in the 1600s and coincided with the concept of serving a meal in courses, with each a separate experience.

The French were known to serve a sweet wine as an apéritif, and it didn’t take long before the concept of sweet followings to the main dish became common. The birth of the sugar and honey trade helped to support the idea of dessert, when became easier to obtain sweeteners, but for a long time it was still considered to be a lush decadence reserved for the wealthy.

So many options!

Choose from cakes, pies, chocolate, ice cream, tarts, gâteaux, cheesecakes, pastries, trifles, and more.




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