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So, who’s first with their Christmas lights?

Although it was really too early in the evening, it was just dark enough to show what would seem to be the first Christmas lights to be seen in Glasgow for 2018.

My spies told me they’d seen the workers on platforms in Royal Exchange Square, stringing them up last week, around GoMA (Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art).

You really need dark skies to see these lights, and even October’s evening sky can hide most of them.

I tried both sides of the street, but one was as bad as the other, but at least the south side has darker buildings than the north.

Interesting to see that the horrendous amount of Glasgow air pollution (allegedly killing hordes of people, at least according to Green Loonies) hasn’t killed of the City Tree. Maybe the loonies are exaggerating? Surely not. They wouldn’t do that, would they? Just to further their own agenda?

The skateboarders are hilarious, and must have OCD or something.

They just keep trying the same stuff over and over and over again here, seldom succeeding, and generally falling off their boards.

I wouldn’t normally have noticed, but I was waiting for a clear and quiet spell to get my pics, and the constant clattering of the flying boards landing (minus rider) caught my attention.

Christmas Lights (South)

Christmas Lights (South)

Tried from across the road, to cut down the amount of sky – not much better.

Christmas Lights II

Christmas Lights II

North side, even worse thanks to the lighter finish of the buildings.

City Tree (square thing in the middle of the pic) still going strong.

Christmas Lights (North)

Christmas Lights (North)


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