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I went to Baillieston, and all I got

Was two rubbish pics.

I usually dump rotten pics and reshoot at the next opportunity, but at the moment, I really don’t know when I’m going to get to (or get back to) some places at the moment, so I just have to make do with what I get, good or bad.

Passing through Baillieston in the dark last night, I thought I’d got lucky and managed to collect a couple of views.

Instead, when I got home and looked at them properly… oh well, maybe next time.

First up was the new Baillieston Credit Union office, sporting a nice, brightly lit sign, with a splash of colour.

Unfortunately, you need a ‘real’ camera to catch this at night, and the bright areas have just blown out into white, with no real evidence of their colour.

I’m a little surprised, as I;m sure this camera was doing better with Christmas lights last year, so maybe I’ve changed something, and need to play around with the settings.

Baillieston Credit Union Lit Night

Baillieston Credit Union Lit Night

Next up was a surprise at The Clachan (yes, this is really Garrowhill or Barrachnie, depending on where you like the line to be drawn, but it was a Baillieston trip, so this is getting lumped in). Thinking back, we always refer to the road junction and traffic lights there as the Barrachnie Lights, but looking at my books with pics of the same spot, they always refer to the shops here as the Garrowhill Shops, so I’m lost. I should look at map, but who has time for that?

It’s so long since I’ve been here, they’ve had time to install a ramp for access to the front doors.

Didn’t see that coming.

The pics not all that bad, but really lacks any shadow detail.

Clachan Ramp

Clachan Ramp

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