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Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

Not the ‘Mystery Machine’ expected?

I couldn’t resist the connection though, given the nickname of the car, and the fact that “It’s a Mystery”.

Collected a while ago, standing in a company’s yard (where one or two other nice Classic Cars have been seen), I forgot about this one for a while, and didn’t realise it fell into the ‘interesting’ category.

Set quite far back from the road, it was only when I came to process the image I noticed things were not quite as they seemed from a distance.

Obviously, no number plate, but the more intriguing aspects include the facts that there’s no glass, the roof is rusty, and the body line forward of the windscreen is ‘wrong’.

While you can’t see the detail in this reduced pic for the blog, it can be seen that this car has suffered an engine fire.

Although this has destroyed the body forward of the windscreen, and looks as if it was fierce enough to remove the paint from the roof, and melt some of the trim, it didn’t eat the front tyres.

It looks as if all the windows were smashed (can’t tell if caused by the heat, or by people), there are still glass ‘crumbs’ from the toughened glass lining the edges of the window opening. I don’t know if the glass was blackened by the smoke, or if the windows were just tinted – many of these cars can have heavily tinted rear glass. while the front window are clear.

Scooby Mystery Machine

Scooby Mystery Machine

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