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The sad magic of a ‘fever coat’

I saw a post which featured the development of a kitten born with a ‘fever coat’, and it occurred to me that I’d read about quite a few of them this year, but had never heard the term in this country, and only seen the reference in posts from the US.

I’ve no idea if the term is used here and I’ve just never noticed it, if the condition it refers to is not recognised here, or if we have a different description for the same condition.

If you know better, please enlighten us in the comments below.

This kitten (Sosuke) has a fever coat, and while I think the silvery grey looks great, sadly, it’s a sign which indicates the pregnant mother cat was stressed or has a fever during pregnancy, causing the unborn kittens’ fur to develop  the silvery grey colouration after birth. The colouration should fade over time, allowing the true colour(s) to show later.

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

Described as looking like ‘a wolf’.

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

Over the next few months, they saw his fur change from the original silvery-grey to his true colors – a beautiful black coat with a glow of red hue and adorable tufts of white fur.

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

All pics are from Sosuke’s story on LoveMeow.

LoveMeow has a Twitter feed which I can recommend as it only delivers occasional tweets when there’s a new story to see – but if you are easily reduced to an emotional bubbling pile of jelly, I warn you, most of them usually have sad beginnings, BUT come with happy endings.

You’ll meet some great cats there.

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