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Another surprise – the autopsy benches at Glasgow University

Yet another ‘surprise’ hidden in plain sight.

I was leaving the Hunterian Art Gallery last night (I say ‘night’, but it was only heading for 5 pm, yet almost dark thanks to the dopey moving of the clocks back by one hour at this time of year), when some white items on the adjacent lawn caught my eye in the dark.

When I took a closer look, I was surprised to see that this garden/lawn area contained a number of benches styles after the classic old mortuary or autopsy table, complete with head support/washing stand!

This is no great surprise, given the University’s medical history, the location of the Hunterian Museum just across the road, and the fact that the Hunterian Art Gallery currently has a historic medical exhibition (William Hunter and the Anatomy of the Modern Museum) in place, complete with graphic models and pics  –  and is currently an ideal place to take your squeamish friends on a surprise trip to.

There was no obvious plaque or nearby explanation of this installation (a plaque was spotted, but seems to relate to the trees planted in the same space), nor have I been able to find anything online (assuming I searched for the right sort of thing).

Now that I know they’re there, I will have to try to remember to have a closer look in daylight, to see if there is anything there that goes into their past.

If you look at the same location in Street View, you can see pics from 2015, complete with happy people enjoying their snacks on these benches, probably completely unaware of the symbolism, or having even noticed the head supports at the other end.

Glasgow University Autopsy Benches

Glasgow University Autopsy Benches

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