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SURPRISE! Glasgow has loads of betting shops

Just a little extra post.

As I walk around the east end, the disproportionate number of betting shops in an area supposedly famed for its poverty and starving children is striking.

Not sure how the rules work for this, or if there is a quota.

And, now I know the large number is not a figment of my imagination.

“The city has 240 shops serving 2,588 people each.”

Consider also that in reality the figure given of 2,588 is actually much smaller, as not everybody feels the need to hand their money over to wealthy bookies in return for (usually) for little more than a scrap of paper, to be screwed up and thrown away.

I wonder who’s getting… NO! STOP! The lawyers are already slapping me about the head.

It’s almost like reading newspaper articles from as far back as the 1930s or thereabouts – as if nothing had changed in this form of behaviour despite the passing of almost 100 years.

Glasgow has one of the highest concentrations of betting shops

Glasgow has one of the highest concentrations of betting shops per person in Britain, new analysis shows.

The city – which contains 26 per cent of Scotland’s most deprived neighborhoods (sic)- has the highest numbers of betting shops per person in the country, with 240 shops serving 2,588 people each.

That’s also the highest concentration in Britain outside of London.

A Glasgow Live analysis showed that people living in Scotland’s better off areas have fewer bookies on their high street.

The Reach Data Unit used Gambling Commission data to pinpoint the location of every betting shop in Scotland.

They then compared those numbers with the Scottish Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2016 – studies carried out by the government roughly every four years which pinpoints the most and least deprived neighbourhoods in the country.

The analysis found people living in Scotland’s top three most deprived local authorities have one betting shop for every 4,137 people, compared to one shop for every 11,972 people in Scotland’s best off authorities.

The trend gives weight to the claim that bookies tend to cluster where people can least afford to lose their money.

Bear in mind my comment above about how many people each shop actually serves.


The UK government was forced into a U-turn on Wednesday over a proposed delay to cut the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals.

The machines, dubbed ‘the crack cocaine of gambling’ currently allow people to stake up to £100 every 20 seconds.

Government plans to reduce this stake to £2 were moved forward after a parliamentary rebellion that saw the resignation of minister Tracey


I couldn’t (without resorting to crime a career) even afford to put £100 in a betting terminal, let alone do it EVERY 20 SECONDS.

Money Down The Drain

Money Down The Drain


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