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The illegals – D3 MLN

It took me a moment to realise this 2006 Ford Focus was actually one of the illegals, and doesn’t really seem to be worth the risk of that potential £1,000 fine for having illegal character spacing on the plate.

Quite what ‘D3M LN’ represents isn’t obvious (to me at least, and the plates themselves have no clues added.

I thought it might even have been a mistake (on the plate) but they’re same front and back.

2006 Ford Focus Front [D3 MLN]

2006 Ford Focus Front [D3 MLN]

2006 Ford Focus [D3M LN]

2006 Ford Focus [D3M LN]

Weird pics too.

Not sure if this was my own fault though, or the wet, but I couldn’t get a what I would call a proper ‘low light’ pic.

I must have hit a setting and upset if from my usual preference, as these pics were WAY slow with exposures in the order of 5 seconds.

Usually I can convince things to happen in less than a second provided the scene is under street lights, but this just stayed as a ‘dark’ shot, and had to be lifted with post-processing.

Whatever I did must have been a temporary change – I couldn’t find any setting I suspected, and the next outing provides pics as usual.

The plethora of menus and settings may be nice to have, but can be a pain. While I’d like a ‘pro’ camera as it comes with lots of knobs and extra displays, these come at a price, and I don’t just mean the cost (my eyes still start watering when I see new ones that cost as much as a decent second-hand car). They’re also considerably larger and heavier than their non-pro cousins.

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