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It’s called ‘Research’ eBay

I was amused to see the reportedly negative response to eBay’s attempt to use ‘psychology’ to attract Glaswegians to swarm to its web site and spent countless million of their hard-earned there.

Instead, the giant seller seems to have put its proverbial foot in its mouth, and made itself look silly.

Crafting a giant banner advert on a site I’ve pictured in the past – and I would have gone and taken a pic, if the weather had not become so rotten – it referred to us (Glaswegians) as ‘Weegies’.


Clearly having failed to any ‘Research’ the marketing geniuses at eBay didn’t check to find out if the term was considered to be complimentary, or derogatory, by those to whom it was applied.

Unfortunately for the might eBay, most consider it to be derogatory.

Better luck next time.

We think the smart alecs in their marketing department need to have a word with themselves!

People in Glasgow have been venting their frustrations at eBay for a ‘massive howler’ on a gigantic billboard dominating Argyle Street in the city centre.

The global commerce platform is advertising its site to shoppers in the run up to Christmas time by referring to us as ‘Weegies’.

The festive advert reads ‘A Weegie’s wishlist…It’s happening on eBay’ above images of a Fitbit watch and a pair of earphones.

Using the slang term to refer to Glaswegians is deemed a massive no-no – for the simple reason that a Glaswegian would probably never refer to themselves as a ‘Weegie’.

As noted by Urban Dictionary, the term is often seen as a derogatory one used to describe us by the occupants of other areas of the country – much in the same way as we we call people from Edinburgh ‘Edinburgers’.

‘Aye right eBay’ Website under fire for huge Weegie billboard on Argyle Street

You might recognise the Argyle Street location as 50 Argyle Street

The ad might not last until I can get there, so…

eBay Weegie Ad Pic Credit Glasgow Live

eBay Weegie Ad Pic Credit Glasgow Live


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