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60 bikes – £30,000 – will this man go to jail?

(I’ve just realised Twitter lifts the pic and the post title – so have to note that the two are NOT RELATED, it’s just a sometimes annoying quirk of Twitter’s automatic formatting. I don’t write the tweets.)

It’s a pity the media jumped into this story before the conclusion was known.

Anybody stealing £30 k (as money) is probably going to jail.

And the US has a Three Strikes and You’re Out policy, referring to de facto life imprisonment of habitual criminals after being convicted of three violent or serious felonies (there are more details, but the idea is all I want to mention here).

I think 60 cycle thefts counts as ‘habitual’ though, so merits a more serious response that someone wandering off with just one.

I don’t know if the reporter concerned with bother to follow-up on this story, or the media will catch the conclusion, nor do we know when sentencing (if he is found guilty) will take place.

But, it would be nice to know how this ends.

And if he said “I just found them”, or “Never saw them before”.

Will he just get a slap on the wrist, or something juicier?

A man has been arrested and charged following the theft of more than 60 bicycles worth £30,000.

Under an initiative dedicated to tackling bike theft, the 41-year-old was arrested in August in connection with an attempt to sell a stolen bike online.

Following further enquiries, Edinburgh’s Community Investigation Unit (CIU) subsequently executed a warrant at flat in the Saughton area on Tuesday 27th November

The 41-year-old has now been charged with the theft of 62 pedal bikes, collectively worth over £30,000, which were stolen from common stairwells and outbuildings across the city.

Man charged over theft of 60 bicycles worth £30,000

I don’t suppose this is him, but in line with never giving a sucker an even break, this is a pic of a real bike thief.

And, guess what?

Bike thief caught in the act: “I was just checking if the lock was good” (video)

There’s no video now.

But, can we assume there is a connection between bike theft and a certain McDung fast food associated with a yellow ‘M’ on a red background?

Real Bike Thief

Real Bike Thief


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