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Oops, Sorry Aldi Shettleston, storm Diana beat your opening

No luck.

Since I’d followed it so far, I thought I should at least mention this.

But with storm Diana arriving about the same time, and me not being close enough to mean the wind and rain I’d meet on my there and back to be insignificant, I’m afraid the opening of the new Aldi in Shettleston was onto ‘plums’ yesterday.

This quick look at our local rainfall from 00:01 on Thursday until now (13:00 Friday) gives you an idea – unfortunately, rainfall sensors just don’t show the little showers that go on all the time, they just accumulate, then trigger a larger reading.

Diana Rain

Diana Rain

Even the offer of a bag of vegetables (I think the first thirty customers through the door got that as a free gift) wasn’t enough to tempt me.

Today’s no better, as the wind and rain is still coming in waves – no doubt intended by Diana to tempt the naive out of the door during the quiet spells – to catch the unwary if they dare step outside if the Sun shines, which it actually does at times.

But most of the time, the rain is bouncing off my windows, and I’m pulling the duvet over my head.

So, no update to this last pic.

Aldi Fitting


Oh – looking at the weather forecast, tomorrow (Saturday) looks like light cloud and a gentle breeze, with rain at 20% or less probability.

That’s better than Sunday (75% chance of rain, even if it is a bit warmer), so I might have to try to remember to take that first wander tomorrow, and not make the mistake of waiting for better weather.

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