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GoMA Christmas project?

I’ve passed GoMA (Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art) quite a few times since it’s Christmas lights went up.

I’ve taken a few pics too.

But I don’t seem to be happy with any of them.

When I get home and look at what I’ve caught, they just seem to lack something I saw when I was there.

Could GoMA be this year’s ‘project’?

Last time, I felt that the right view just couldn’t be caught without standing in the street, and that’s not really a good idea here, especially in the dark.

Prior to that, I thought it was hard to get a clear view as people keep stopping on this corner, making it hard to get the whole width included without someone’s head or back in the way, obscuring a lot of the view.

And the overall width is large, even a reasonably wide lens can’t catch the whole scene from edge to edge.

I’m trying to avoid stitching images, and the distortion that brings, which I cannot correct.

I tried a different viewpoint, and found that it was possible to get into the doorway of one of the buildings, and avoid the columns standing there, so almost manage the whole scene.

But it also had to be corrected for perspective distortion, as the camera also has to be tilted a lot to get the top of the tower in (so ignore the black bits, I didn’t edit them out).

GoMA Christmas

GoMA Christmas

This almost works, except for that damned lamppost!

I guess I could use Photoshop (if I was wealthy), it has a tool to combine pic to deal with such things, I believe.

I will have to try to keep this view in my head, and try to find a better position based on it, to get the whole width in, and have all the light from side to side.

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