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Good Scottish wildcat (kitten) news

I get fed up looking at news feeds – if it’s not the media itself blowing something up out of all proportion (to make you look) with an ‘Anger’ headline, then it tends to be actual bad news as somebody dies, or is killed or injured (I’m ignoring all the political crap washing over us these days).

On that basis, it’s nice to see something that can be called ‘Good News’, and that has to be the case in this story of the discovery of a genuine wildcat kitten in a trap.

A third Scottish wildcat kitten has been rescued by a conservation group in Aberdeenshire.

The kitten was captured in a live trap in Aberdeenshire and will be released in spring.

Wildcat Haven came to the aid of the cat after it was caught in a live trap by a farmer investigating the loss of several chickens.

There was no sign of a mother near the location and the young kitten appeared to have been alone for a while, scavenging scraps wherever it could find any – with a chicken coop proving just too tempting for a cat with little ability to hunt wild food.

A vet check confirmed that it was underweight, but otherwise healthy.

Wildcat trapped as farmer investigates chicken deaths

That could so easily have ended badly if the farmer had been one to ‘Shoot first and ask questions later’.

Steve Sleigh of Wildcat Haven, which carried out the rescue, said: “It was incredibly exciting when I got the call to investigate the new kitten.

“I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I saw her, I knew she was a wildcat kitten with a thick blunt tail, perfect dorsal stripe marking and ferocious personality.

“She was snarling and spitting as soon as I went near, but looked very small for her age, she clearly needed to get to a vet straight away.”

Wildcat Kitten Pic Credit Steve Sleigh Wildcat Haven

Wildcat Kitten Pic Credit Steve Sleigh Wildcat Haven

The story continues…

Dr Paul O’Donoghue, chief scientific advisor for Wildcat Haven, stated: “These three kittens represent almost 10% of the current worst-case population estimate, emphasising their importance as a lifeline for the species in the wild.

“We’re very lucky to have this incredible rescue centre from Highland Titles to give them all a real chance at a long life in the wild.

“We’re reluctant captors and there’s no question that these kittens will all return to the wild; we hope the male may bond with the new kitten so that they could be released into adjoining territories, enhancing the chances of them breeding healthy new kittens out in the wild, where these cats belong.”

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