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I expected delays, not a complete brick wall for Bloodhound

Over the years I watched the progress of Bloodhound (it does actually have Scottish bits), and been both impressed, and amazed, as it managed to go from expensive step to expensive step, thanks to it ability to attract both backing and volunteers.

Having overcome so many hurdles over the years, I would probably have bet that even if it struggled, it would have made it to the end.

Seems that bet would have been lost.

The main structure of the vehicle has been built already with “shakedown” tests a year ago working to plan.

But failure to secure the investment forced the firm financing the project into administration.

“Since [then] we have worked tirelessly with the directors to identify a suitable individual or organisation who could take the project forward,” joint administrator Andrew Sheridan said.

“Despite overwhelming public support, and engagement with a wide range of potential and credible investors, it has not been possible to secure a purchaser for the business and assets.”

Mr Sheridan added: “We will now work with key stakeholders to return the third-party equipment and then sell the remaining assets of the company to maximise the return for creditors.”

Bloodhound supersonic car project axed

It’s brought together so many diverse scientific and engineering demands, apparently bringing a range of problems which have all been solved, in theory at least, and only needed the final chapter to be completed, by actually getting to the test run.

I’m still hopeful that this may happen.

With all the costly R&D done, and only (simple word ‘only’) the final phase to be completed, there are plenty of people who could drop some loose change they wouldn’t even notice, and easily find the project’s completion.

Pity it’s a British project, a certain fruity US company rolling in money taken from silly people could fund it without even noticing.

But they’d also set it back years, since their board’s first order would be to dump all the existing computers!




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