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Quarry dispute STILL dragging on near New Lanark

I was surprised to see this story appear in the news tonight, as it’s years since I remember seeing the first stand-off between the heritage village of New Lanark, and the quarry owners who sought to expand their operation, and come closer to the village and its features.

I’m probably biased, so will avoid passing comment on either, just note the continuation.

I’ve known the site from the days before its restoration, when it was mostly just a derelict collection of buildings, and a relic of Robert Owen and David Dale’s social experiment.

Back then, I think the only people moving were those living in the houses, still in their original condition, and with an uncertain future.

It was years before I was able to go back, and discover that there was the beginning of a restoration project there, although it was still largely derelict, like the factory buildings. At least it survived long enough for that to happen.

I mainly went back to walk along the Clyde, and see the power station I had once managed to visit, and used to wonder what people were talking about when the enthused about the ‘Falls of Clyde’. The water was diverted to the station then, so the chances of seeing any ‘Falls’ were slim to nil, until viewing days were organised, and the water was allowed to flow to the falls. I did eventually manage to see them (and the crowds!).

I haven’t been able to visit the place for years, but at least saw most of the restoration (and that horrible hotel, sorry – it may help, but I don’t have to like it) completed. The only part that was yet to be completed when I was last able to get there was a row of houses, to the right as you enter the village by the access road. I’m guessing that’s probably done by now.

That reminds me of one of the aspects of success that wasn’t so good, not getting to drive down that access road.

Since there were so many, visitors were expected to pull into the ‘new’ car parks provided at the top of the hill above the village, and walk there. That would have been fine, but most people I took there had difficulty walking, and that hill was just bad news. Back then, there was no option on offer for those with problems. That said, I never saw more than a handful of cars in the huge car parking area, and eventually just started driving down, as I had done in the past.

Funny, I was there so many times, and took so many people to see it so often, it feels like I was there just last week, and not the decades that have now passed.

Not my pic, but kind of what it looked like when I was there.

I’ve got loads of pics, but they’re locked away on prints, yet to be digitised. Maybe one day.

From the article referred to, it looks as if we may not have to wait long for a ruling.

Will it be final?

Or will there be more appeals?


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