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So, the weather’s not so good just now – time for some old Glasgow Christmas Lights

It always amusing to think of the folk who don’t think weather forecasts are ever right.

They generally don’t understand how to use them, and can usually be found complaining about getting rained on during a sunny forecast.

I wonder if they ever see rainy forecasts, and moan if the Sun makes an appearance instead?

Our forecast is wind and rain at the moment, and I’m afraid it’s right, so I’m staying in.

Just as well, since it’s safer too: Hairdressers threatened in salon Taser raid

Taser! (assuming it was real). At least this was the afternoon, I only get to be there at night.

The west end is no better! Pregnant woman attacked and robbed in Glasgow

Since I’m not going out in wind AND rain, this is a chance to give this gallery of Glasgow’s Christmas lights from days gone by.

It seems that Glasgow had a period of innovation with its lights, but that’s no longer the case, as it’s now so easy to buy such things off the shelf, rather than come up with something

As you’ll see from some of the older pics, the lights used to be installed over considerable lengths of the city centre’s streets.

I really can remember the year when Glasgow City Council announced the end of those long street displays, and the cries of anguish from Glaswegians who though it was the complete ending of Christmas Light in Glasgow (thankfully, it wasn’t, and really just meant less would be spent).

If they look familiar, then they probably are, if you took your holidays down in Blackpool, you saw some of them long before the rest of us.

A number of displays were acquired from that sources when their ‘tour of duty’ was complete down there, and they were retired.

And that does explain the mystery of the slightly strange themes out lights had during some years.

Glasgow’s Christmas lights down the years

One sample from the gallery – check the full set at the link given.


Glasgow Christmas Lights Pic Credit Media Scotland

Glasgow Christmas Lights Pic Credit Media Scotland


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