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Today is Brownie Day

08 December is Brownie Day.

I have to confess (again, if you’ve seen some of my other ‘food’ posts) that brownies, or chocolate brownies, are a treat I only discovered a few years ago.

Although I knew the name (thanks to lots of US TV series that land on our tellies), I never searched out brownies to try them, or even realised they were on sale here, and easy to get.

Another reason (in the past) was not knowing the difference between brownies and chocolate cake – and, being a fan of chocolate cake, didn’t want to try anything that might have spoiled that.

No worries (if you are unsure, there isn’t really a great difference, but the two can be distinct). Just think of brownies as EVEN MORE chocolate cake!

The main difference lies in the ingredients. Most cake recipes include baking powder or baking soda, most brownie recipes do not. Cake recipes usually include about twice the amount of flour, and less chocolate than brownies. These variations affect the texture and taste of each treat, making them distinct.

But who cares?

It just means MORE options!




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