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Another ‘Christmas Dinner’ chip shop offering

After spotting a chip shop offering Christmas Dinner in fry-up form, I see another has joined the list.

But this one will set you back £10 (but see the detail), as against £8 for the other.

A Scottish chip shop is offering customers an entire deep-fried Christmas dinner.

Dunkeld Fish Bar in Perthshire claims its turkey goujons, battered Brussels sprouts and carrots and parsnip fritters are already proving popular.

They are served with a giant pig-in-a-blanket – a battered foot-long sausage – and a deep-fried mince pie on the side.

The speciality supper costs about £10.

Sale proceeds are going to the Dunkeld community, with a visit from Santa and his reindeer planned for local children.

Dunkeld chippy offers deep-fried Christmas dinner

Interestingly, the disagree with Buckhaven’s finding on deep-fried mince pies, and include one!

Dunkeld Fish Bar Pic Credit Jane Barlow Via BBC Article

Dunkeld Fish Bar Christmas Dinner Pic Credit Jane Barlow Via BBC Article

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Aberdeen joins Glasgow as ‘special’ Soviet era target

Striking me as slightly pointless if we are/were to believe the anti-nuclear loonies, Glasgow was mapped in detail by the Soviets back in the days of the Cold War.

Purpose unclear, since the anti-nuclear brigade was assuring everyone that Glasgow would be amongst the first places to be wiped off the face of the Earth, because… Holy Loch nuclear sub base!

Had they not turned it into a big hole, they might have moved their dachas here, we are on the same latitude as Moscow.

Now it seems that Aberdeen was treated to a similar mapping exercise.

A Soviet map of Aberdeen compiled by undercover operatives in 1981 showing strategic locations for invasion has come to light after cash-starved employees sought revenge against their former paymasters after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The map is revealed in a new book examining 500 years of military mapping in Scotland.

The detailed map of Aberdeen, a city which suffered severe bombing during the Second World War, gives precise measurements of many features, including the widths and lengths of the Victoria Bridge and Wellington Suspension Bridge over the River Dee.

The mapmakers colour-coded buildings by function – green for military, purple for civil administration, black for industrial and brown for residential. This is accompanied by a ‘spravka’ essay of more than 1,800 words focusing on 58 important objects, which notes the coastal area north of the city is “suitable for amphibious landing” and the impressive “harbour dockage facilities can provide complete overhaul of vessels, including destroyers”.

The spravka included details such as the land around the city being “dissected by deep river valleys that are the major obstacles for non-road mobile machinery”, that its quarries could be used for shelters and that “Aberdeen seaport is the major maintenance base for oil deposits in the North Sea”.

Scotland: Defending The Nation – Mapping A Military Landscape by Carolyn Anderson and Christopher Fleet includes military maps from the 15th century.

Revealed – Soviet spies’ secret map of Aberdeen, a city ripe for invasion

Maybe somebody realised they’d made a mistake by mapping Glasgow, that it would become a smoking, glowing, wasteland after the few minutes it would take for World War III to be completed, and that they’d better have a nice wee bolthole for their masters to retire to, before they ‘disappeared’.

It’s a long time since those Glasgow maps were revealed, and unless my memory is really bad (possible) there was some amusement to be had by the media back then, as the tired old hacks tried to raise a laugh by pointing out mistakes or misunderstandings on the Russian map.

I don’t see anything similar in the Aberdeen article – maybe the workers that made those mistakes… ‘disappeared’.


Viewing Russian maps

I’m not sure if there are other resources (online), but since the first Russian maps of Glasgow appeared many years ago, I have relied on Old-Maps for my regular viewing of the material.

For my purposes, all the material is free. (there are some conditions, but not usually relevant).

I had a quick look, and confirmed that they also have Russian maps of Aberdeen available.

Find them here…


Serious Cat

Serious Cat


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Cyclists we DON’T need on the road, or ‘helping’ the rest of us

I saw the article linked to below a few days ago, and deleted it after reading.

But it wouldn’t go away, and kept niggling at the back of my mind.

The reason being that the cyclist concerned is actually MORE of a PROBLEM than the driver he thinks he was doing the rest of us a ‘good turn’, by harassing.

In fact, to my eyes, the cyclist is the one at fault, and the cause of the subsequent collision.

Had he not chosen to harass and distract the driver, I think it’s fair to say that the collision shown would not have occurred.

(NOTE: I am NOT defending the driver using a mobile phone, but that is another issue.)

NOBODY should be harassing or provoking anyone else, or causing them distraction (or additional distraction, if you prefer).

I also wonder how much attention he pays to his cycling, if he’s looking inside cars.

Video: Glasgow motorist tells cyclist he can drive safely while on his phone – then crashes

There’s a reason for police advice NOT to get involved.

There are too many videos of angry cyclists venting their anger on drivers who they think have wronged them.

Far from improving anything, this sort of behaviour does nothing but increase the antagonism towards cyclists.

As I’ve noted previously, ‘activists’ are probably no longer helping with their extreme views.

I DON’T WANT their ‘help’.

Join the ‘professionals’?

Professional Road Cyclists

Professional Road Cyclists

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McLellan Galleries strangeness revisited

I posted an odd pic taken looking in the closed glass doors of the Mclellan Galleries a while ago.

Passing the place again, recently, it came to mind and, since I was carrying a better camera (for low light), I thought I’d take a similar look.

I don’t know what’s changed, it might be as simple as the time of day, but I didn’t seem to be able to find the same spot to stand on to get the same effect.


I just took a ‘better’ pic of the dark and spooky gallery entrance interior.

Sometimes even I’m surprised by what comes up in these shots.

Thanks to the relatively bright light of the street, this view looks almost black to the eye, suggesting the pic will be the same, but the camera sensor can do magic, and lift a useable image from the darkness.

McLellan Galleries Dark Interior

McLellan Galleries Dark Interior

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SALE! – 30% Off Back Pain

Couldn’t resist snapping this just after I walked past it – and had to go back for a second look 🙂

30% Off Back Pain

30% Off Back Pain

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Today is Pastry Day

09 December is Pastry Day.

It seems pastries are not new, with first apparently dating back into ancient times when the l ancient Romans and Greeks made filo-style pastries as meals and treats. The main ingredients in hot countries were flour, oil, and honey.

Moving forward to medieval times, things got more serious when pastry chefs invented themselves and used shortening and butter to make a thicker, more robust pastry, and pastry became quite a serious business, with demand for pies and sweets becoming high amongst both royalty and peasants.

This say seems to be dedicated to sweet pastries, so pick your favourite, and enjoy.

Danish pastries aren’t actually my favourite, but that means I can really enjoy them when I get treated to really good ones.

Danish Pastries

Danish Pastries

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