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Cambuslang Christmas tree and lights

Even I can remember enough to know that Cambuslang has the same Christmas lights up this year, and its Christmas tree is in the same place (not a criticism, just a remarkable feat by my memory).

This meant I just wanted a half decent quick pic of the tree and some of the lights, as a record.

That also turned out to be harder than I thought it would be, as I started spinning some settings on the (compact) camera, and instead of getting exposure compensation option, I got something else.

Don’t ask what, I couldn’t get any adjustments I wanted, and just gave up – I kid you not, the manual for this thing runs into hundreds of pages, so if you end up in a menu, or bank of setting you’re not usually interested in – the rule is ‘Just Forget It”!

I just decided to grab a bunch of pics, and sort out what I had later, on the computer.

That was almost a bad idea too… as I couldn’t make my mind up about what to dump, and what to use.

I had the usual bright shot I used to favour, showing a lot of detail lifted out of the shadows.

Cambuslang Christmas Tree

Cambuslang Christmas Tree

Then I had the sort of shot I’ve been experimenting with, avoiding exposure that lifts detail, and looks more like the reality of the darer night view.

It doesn’t show as much, but the lower exposure seems to capture more detail in what it does show, and there’s a noticeable difference in the overall colour, and colour of illuminated details, which are not so washed out.

Cambuslang Christmas Tree

Cambuslang Christmas Tree

The rest were really just variation on the above, so I dumped them.

The odd thing about this episode was that a ‘Power off, power on’ cycle didn’t seem to clear the odd settings the compact had moved to.

But when I got home and switched it on again, to review the settings and see what was different…

Everything seemed to be as I usually set it, it shot as usual, and I was none the wiser!


I just got a new neoprene sleeve to protect the dSLR and lens.

It adds almost nothing to the size or weight, so might let me carry it more often, especially in situations where I’ve been avoiding taking it for fear of damage.

Best thing is the 11:1 superzoom is the same closed size as the standard 3:1 zoom (unfortunately not as light though), so BOTH fit!

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