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DON’T tell me how to review you!

While I don’t have anything to do with social media, I know it is a curse.

You only have to look at unmoderated reviews of just about anything to see how toxic and useless these are.

Trolls love to live in that space, and everybody that thinks they’ve been ‘done’ uses it to attack the business concerned – since their complaints are usually so ridiculous nobody will listen to them, and lawyers etc burst out laughing when they hear the problem.

So, I can understand when a supplier begs buyers NOT to go running to some social media outlet BEFORE informing them there is a potential problem, or giving them the chance to resolve it. Some people are just TOO KEEN to generate ‘Likes’ or hits, and forget what they’re doing.

I was unwrapping some goodies this morning, when a slip of paper fluttered out of the package.

This is what it said.

Click for bigger to read.

Review Instructions Nope

Review Instructions Nope

I’d have been perfectly happy if it had just said something along the lines of ‘Please don’t rush to post about a problem on social media before contacting us and giving us a chance to fix things”.

But it doesn’t!

It goes on to tell me to “leave is positive feedback and do a good rating… don’t leave Neutral feedback”.

And then “please do a 5 Stars Review”.

I’ll do my own reviews, thank you, AND decide how many stars you deserve!

As it is, they’re not getting ANY because of this slip of paper, and its ‘orders’.

On the bright side, I’m not going to be nasty either, since the goodies they supplied WERE spot-on.

They were delivered a day late, but that was the carrier’s fault (which I watched via the online parcel tracker), and the Christmas run-up, so I wouldn’t even have moaned about that anyway.

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