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Bottled water is beyond me, but this is noteworthy

If I first say that there’s no issue where bottled water is the ONLY solution to getting, or having, clean drinking water at some place, that’s out of the way.

I simply can’t understand why ANYBODY would choose to pay money (and it’s often silly money for some overpriced ‘brand names’) for bottled water.

Even less understandable since it comes in highly polluting, single use, plastic bottles, often not recycled or disposed of responsibly, but merely thrown away in the street, even more worryingly is the fact that many have had only a mouthful consumed, and are nearly full if examined.

There’s just no reason for it, especially in Scotland where we can have as much as we want on tap, since it’s a fixed cost in our rates, and not (usually) metered. And it’s good clean water too, probably better than most of the unregulated muck found in bottles, not subject to legislation and monitoring.

I’ve never found the need to carry a bottle of water anywhere in Scotland.

The worst sad case I met was in a supermarket late one night – a (young) woman was in serious distress as she didn’t know which bottled water to buy, and asked me for advice.

Ironically, she had just been given a flat by the council as her home had just been flooded!

Yet she was more worried about buying water than moving.

Could’ve tried this for free, had it not been a few years ago…

A new top-up water tap was switched on in Glasgow’s bustling Buchanan Street today to keep festive shoppers hydrated in the countdown to Christmas.

TV personality Jennifer Reoch was the first to fill her reusable bottle from the Style Mile Top up Tap, handily located at the junction with St Vincent Place.

Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken welcomed the switch on, as she announced the Council’s intention to introduce further Top up Taps in the future to complement the city’s Avenue’s Programme.

The latest high-tech unit – the third to be installed since Scottish Water announced its intention to create a network of 30 across the country – will offer people of Glasgow access to fresh, clean drinking water at the push of a button.

Free water tap fitted in busy city centre street

For further information visit

I stayed in today, and stayed dry.

This opening pic from Buchanan Street suggests I was right to stay in – it looks as wet outside the tap as it is inside!

Buchanan Street Tap Pic Credit GlasgowLive

Buchanan Street Tap Pic Credit GlasgowLive

Has to be a good plan if it cuts down on plastic bottles being dumped all over the place.


As I said, I’ve never found the need carry any sort of drink (or even a bike bottle), but I have some collapsible touring cups that can be slipped into a pocket or bag, and I just might do that now.

After all, I’ve already paid for the water going into these so-called ‘free water taps’, so I might as well use them if I’m passing.

Maybe they should have scanners on them, so they only work for Scots/residents who have actually PAID their rates, and are deactivated for non-payers, and tourists 😉

Of course, there is another problem…

There are no (or virtually no) public toilets!


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