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Have the mice moved on?

Regular visitors may have noticed a lack of mouse-related pics in recent times.

This isn’t because I gave up posting them.

There just have been any since the last one appeared some time ago.

I had cleared away all the greenery and stuff they might have been hiding in, or using as a covered route, but had been disappointed as they carried on arriving. However, it looks as if that clean up might have been successful after all, and just needed the ones that knew the path to die off, or be trapped.

There just hasn’t been even a single one, not even if I happen to leave the doors open overnight.

I just wish I could find something as apparently successful and effective to deal with the damned snail now.

They just seem to appear from nowhere – although I did find one colony had taken up residence behind the rendering on my house. Unfortunately they’re the type with shells, can’t be reached without tearing the rendering off the wall, and leave their shells behind when they die, so have slowly pushed it out and away from the wall.

That’s not going to be good one day. That rendering was already replaced a few years ago. Turned out to be a crap job – I saw the builder concerned pictured in the local paper shortly after the work was done – on his way to jail for 5 years for fraud, after taking money from pensioners.

Oh well, a little reminder from someone who has the tools for dealing with recurring mice, to mark the end of the year and their apparent departure.

Cat And Mouse

Cat And Mouse

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