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Buchanan Street Bus Station set to get better

While I once spent what felt like a major portion of my early life using the original Buchanan Street Bus Station, and was sad to see it go, not so much for the structure itself, but for the extensive changes that meant for the area as a whole, I’ve barely seen the ‘new’ bus station that replaced it.

A few visits when it opened, then I lost any need to use it at all, so only ever saw it during chance visits nearby.

That said, I have had to drop in a few times recently, when I spotted a statue there.

Meet the “Winchers Stance”, created in 1994 for Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive.

Buchanan Bus Station People

Buchanan Bus Station People

That was interesting, but as someone who once had architectural leanings, I’ve never really been inspired by the interior, or concourse.

It just feels completely bland, with no feel for its purpose, or design elements that inspire the visitor, or guide them through their visit. It’s almost like a shed, a nice clean shed, but one with no real clues as to its purpose.

I think part of the problem is the way all the facilities are out of immediate sight, hidden away in recesses off the main concourse. Nothing is obvious. You have to actively go and look for any facility or services you want to use there, and the signage is pretty small.

THE main concourse at Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow is to be given a makeover as part of a £580,000 refurbishment contract.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has approved the project which includes de-cluttering the area to improve passenger flow and the look and feel of the bus station.

As well as removing artificial trees and re-locating seating within the concourse, left luggage and the security scanner will be moved elsewhere. New public toilets are also planned.

Bus staff and operator facilities will also be improved behind the scenes and there will be more space for retail facilities.

Enhancements in the next phase are set to include improvements to customer information and to the fabric of the building.

BUS Station Concourse Improvements Will Be Just The Ticket

Sounds about right, fingers crossed.

At least I’ve been there just before these changes, so I’ll be able to tell things are better afterwards.


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