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Christmas presents at the end of the street

One of the strange things that always amuses me is how the media portrays the east end of Glasgow as a poverty-stricken ghetto of deprived people with no money, poor health, living with squalor, and early death (at least according to the statistics and records).

Yet, despite living in the middle of that, I can wander along the street and take pics of Bentleys, Porsches, Ferraris, Mercedes, even Lamborghinis if I’m quick, and there have been burglaries where £10,000 or more has been stolen in the form of jewellery. I didn’t forget Rolls Royce, I just didn’t mention them – I have to go a few miles east, to a nearby village to catch them, they don’t seem to be popular here.

And there’s our friendly second-hand car dealer, at the end of the road, where most of the offerings are around £40,000 (and upwards).

They used to be nice too, but now they are mostly hulking great brutes of SUVs, and I generally avoid passing the place now.

But there was at least one nice pre-Christmas offering.

Christmas Car Dealer

Christmas Car Dealer


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