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Ferry storm is brewing

While it was obvious, and I claim no cleverness over predicting that Ferguson Marine and Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) would end up having a slight dispute over the dual-fuel ferry contract, is something sad to see.

Instead of potentially having a product that might have been an asset as a sales offering, and maybe even being able to suggest Scotland had something to point at and say ‘Come to our shipyard and buy a ship’, all we have is the usual sad tale of Clyde shipyards, delays, and disputes.

All it needs is for the workers to come out on strike for more money, and the set is probably complete!

The shipbuilder with the contract to build two delayed CalMac new ferries has said it will lose £39.5m on the deal.

The latest accounts for Ferguson Marine show the Inverclyde yard made a loss of £60.1m in 2016.

Ferguson Marine claims “interference and disruption” from the Scottish government’s ferry company is to blame for the losses.

The firm also wants to renegotiate the terms of its £45m government loan.

Owner Jim McColl – who rescued the yard from administration in 2014 – put £8.5m into Ferguson Marine from one of his other companies, according to the accounts.

The two dual-fuel ships – which can be powered by liquefied natural gas as well as diesel – will operate on CalMac’s Clyde and Hebridean routes.

They have been ordered by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL), which buys and leases the CalMac ships on behalf of the Scottish government.

‘Interference and disruption’

In its accounts, which were filed over a year late, Ferguson Marine stated: “The directors believe that post contract award, variations, interference, and disruption caused by the customer have resulted in additional unforeseen costs.”

But CMAL rejects this and has previously insisted Ferguson Marine has to stick to the terms of its £97m fixed-price contract.

The row is set to go to the courts.

Ferguson Marine says it will lose £40m on new CalMac ferries

I can’t watch.

But, I started following this years ago, so I suppose I’m stuck.

I found this video of MV Saturn from 2011, when it was still sailing (although I’d used it regularly, I was out of the loop by then).

I think the last sentence in the description of the video is just about sums things up today…

Calmac car ferry sailing into Gourock. Video shot in November 2010. This was a familiar scene for many years. All we have now are memories and video clips.

Still, we can enjoy the clip, and seeing one of the streakers in action.


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