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The usual weird public response to a potential mass killer

I used to follow a web site that provided almost daily pics of shocking car crashes from places such as China and Asia.

Mostly featuring drivers of cars listed at anything from £250 k to £2 million, the incidents were notable as most were down to sheer carelessness, and the surprising result that even when the cars were wrecked (as in write-offs) most walked away, or drove away after getting a friend to bring their ‘other car’ so they could carry on driving. Authorities also seemed to show little interest in many cases.

Things are different here.

Looking at our news, even for the past week or so, shows a number of serious injuries from crashes and collisions on Scottish roads, with few people walking away from incidents.

The following story caught my eye for various reasons, but the most outstanding one how people were willing to throw money at the driver concerned, as if he was some sort of unfortunate victim, and bale him out of a large bill for the damage he did.

Damage he did when he fell asleep at the wheel of his own car, and ploughed into three expensive Ferraris.

A young Taiwanese man who dozed off in his car and crashed into three Ferraris got the shock of his life when he was told it would cost 12 million Taiwan dollars ($390,000; £310,000) to pay for the repairs.

But a public outpouring of support and donations to help him pay what at first seemed an insurmountable sum has stunned the 20 year old.

It was around 05:40 in the morning when, exhausted from working all night, he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the Ferraris.

They were among four luxury cars that belonged to a group of friends who were meeting up before a scenic drive. The owners were standing near the vehicles and no-one was injured.

The public have even asked the owners of the damaged car to be ‘Nice’ to him!

Since the story hit the news, some Taiwanese social media users have called on the Ferrari owners to forgive Mr Lin and not demand money from him, given his circumstances.

One owner, however, has publicly said that he worked hard to be able to buy the car and would like to be compensated for the damage.

Mr Lin says the Ferrari owners have been kind and have not insisted he pay the bill all at once. They have instead suggested he could start eventually paying in instalments while they consult their insurance companies on how much the policies will cover.

Sympathy for overworked Taiwan man who ploughed into Ferraris


Everyone has lost their senses and perspective.

HE chose to get in a car and drive while exhausted.

That’s not much different from getting into a car and driving while drunk, or doped up on drugs.

Would there be sympathy for him if he’d done either of those?

Nobody seems to have considered how lucky he was just to have piled into four Ferraris (and missed their owners and passengers).

Suppose he’d fallen asleep and mounted the pavement, and wiped a street load of people walking there?

Or ploughed through a junction while the lights were at red?

Or through a pedestrian crossing?

He’s lucky not to be in jail for manslaughter, or some other driving charge.

Instead, this is what he’s worried about.

With a monthly salary of 35,000 Taiwan dollars ($1,136), it would take Mr Lin 28 years to pay the full cost of the repairs. His family’s vehicle insurance policy only covers injuries not damages.

And that will probably be forgotten about after a while, since he’s not worth anything.

They don’t all walk away.

This Mercedes seen in a Taiwan street had been speeding, bounced off a rubbish lorry, then a pole – killing a woman in the street at some point in its trip.

Like I said – ‘sleepy driver’ was lucky, and people in the street were even luckier that night.

Taiwan Mercedes

Taiwan Mercedes


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