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I’m sick and tired of Green Loonies and ‘Activists’

I’ve been kicking cycling activists in some recent posts, mainly because I was almost put off cycling in Glasgow city centre after looking at some of their web sites and forum, plus comments I’d seen some of them make when contributing to media articles.

Fortunately, I have a brain of my own, and decided to actually just go cycle in Glasgow city centre traffic.

Guess what happened.

I didn’t die after the first five minutes.

I found the cycling activists were little more than liars about how terrible, dangerous, jammed, gridlocked, and polluted it was.

More likely, those that make the most noise, get interviewed, and post loads of ‘advice’ in forums have an ‘Anti-car agenda’, and those are easy ways for them to get ‘free publicity’ for their agenda.

Glasgow has LEZ (low emission zones) actually being planned and introduced NOW (the first in Scotland), not just being talked about.

As Glasgow prepares to become Scotland’s first low emission zone at the end of the months, new signs have been put up to raise awareness of the boundaries that have been put in place in the city centre.

The prominent low emission zone (LEZ) signs are positioned on the main approach routes into the city centre to make sure they are fully visible.

The plans will be phased in from December 31 , initially affecting local service buses only.

However, by the end of 2022, all vehicles wishing to enter the LEZ must meet the strict emission requirements.

Although the boundaries of the LEZ are currently being referred to as the area bounded by the M8, River Clyde and High Street/Saltmarket, the actual boundary of the LEZ second phase will be decided after detailed transport modelling.

Signs have been put up in Glasgow city centre to indicate the new low emission zone

Usually, such media articles have Green Loonies chipping in at the end, usually whining “Too little, too late” and suchlike.

No sign of them in that article.

This article seems to be yet another that knocks the usual activist-type assertion that Glasgow City Council is ignoring cyclist in favour of car drivers.

Maybe GlasgowLive and Glasgow City Council have just got fed up with them and their broken  record!

We should be so lucky – they’ll be around somewhere else.

They’re a real pain, and detract so much from ordinary people who care, and genuinely just want to work for reasonable, achievable, improvement.

Saltmarket From St Andrews Street

Saltmarket From St Andrews Street

After all, just look at that view of Saltmarket, above.

Almost hidden behind a thick cloud of blinding, chocking pollution.

And no provision for cyclists either.

What’s that you say?

You can see the other side of the street?

And you can see segregated cycle lanes? (There’s a light-controlled pedestrian/cycle crossing just of sight around the corner to the right, leading to cycle racks too.)

I’m impressed!


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