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Sad sign seen in Parkhead

I featured one of these signs a while ago, but that one was anonymous.

This one’s different, and carries branding for the Parkhead Development Company.

It’s one of those things that worries me, and makes me scared to get too close to anyone I might be walking next to in the street, if they’re as dumb as it implies.

Do people REALLY need a sign to be placed telling them…

May Be Damp Sign

May Be Damp Sign

I don’t know what things are like in tenements today, but in the old days there was a stair washing rota, and all those up a close had to wash the stairs in turn.

There were no signs – if you looked at the stairs and they were wet – they were wet!

If they were not wet – they were dry!

Sadly, it seems that today, people need a sign to inform them of this state.

Does this mean they are thick?

Or is it yet another sign of our keenly litigated times when anything that may be a nice little claim means a rush to the courts, so the company needs to put these signs on display as a defence against carelessness, to prevent some Buckfast soaked local from suing them if they arrive home and take a header down the stairs, or slip on the floor?

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