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They completed Parkhead Public School without me

It’s depressing to revisit some projects – and find they have been successfully completed without me watching them closely.

I didn’t realise my ‘new’ routes had kept me away from any regular sighting of this part of Westmuir Street, and that the project to recover the derelict Parkhead Public School building, which I once thought might have been lost, had been completed, and was now occupied and working.

Last time I stopped and looked, it was like this.

Sorry, I know I TOOK pics a while ago, but the filing system has just failed miserably, and I can’t find them, that’s odd (and worrying) as I can usually find pics I know I have even if I have to find them by eye.

So there’s only an ‘After’ pic now, unless I find the lost pics later, and can shove them in as an edit.

I couldn’t get a decent pic.

The length of the building is too much to get in a straight shot, so it has to be caught from an end, but I couldn’t even do that on this occasion. A convention of ‘White Van Men’ had parked along the street here, so even to this pic I had to go stand almost in the middle of the road, otherwise the lower part of the pic would just have been a sea of van sides!

It’s a really nice job, and the building looks great now that it has been cleaned up, and the trees that had been growing in cracks and along the fence removed.

The upper structures, especially the bell tower (I assume that’s what it is, if it ever actually had a bell, or it may have been a disguised chimney) look even better.

More on it here.

A former school in Parkhead is being brought back into use as a community hub.

Parkhead Public School, on Westmuir Street, has been vacant since 1990 – but a year from now, it will be fully refurbished with a new extension.

The category B listed building – built in two phases in 1878 and 1887 – is being brought back into use through the Parkhead Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI), in partnership with Glasgow Building Preservation Trust and Parkhead Housing Association.

It will cost £4.1 million altogether, and will be handed over to the housing association when complete, to be used as a local enterprise centre with flexible space for the east end community to use, and a range of office suites too.

Derelict Parkhead school will be given a £4.1 million makeover in east end regeneration bid

Lucky housing association, getting that handed to it.

(If that sounds like a slightly sour remark, it is!

I was involved with another, nearby, housing association when I had a building with structural problem, and could not sell it as nobody could get a mortgage, the lenders refused unless it was repaired first.

Far from being of any help, since it owned all the adjacent property, the housing association just ignored us, and expected us to give it the flat, for nothing, since we couldn’t sell it.)

This sort of restoration is NOT CHEAP, something I often point out to people who moan about derelict or unused buildings, and whine about them not being used, and how ‘Terrible’ the owners are.

Those same moaners can usually be seen running away if I suggest they actually do something, or dig into their own pockets to fund the return to use of such buildings.

I can’t understand why, since they SHOULD be glad to – they are, after all, usually pointing out what great assets and money-making opportunities those same buildings represent, and that they should be taken off the current owners, and out to use.

This one needed another £567 k.

Derelict Parkhead school gets £567k boost in bid to regenerate Glasgow’s east end

I always thought this old school was one of the better looking ones from the sandstone era.

Most of the others seem to look very ‘bulky’, but this one looks more elegant.

I wonder if it had a different architect, or if the others were either all by the same architect, and they used a standardised plan, with a few tweaks for each location?

I’m sure somebody knows more about this.

Parkhead Public School Redeveloped

Parkhead Public School Redeveloped



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